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Designing for Equity by Thinking in and about Mathematics
The five-year Targeted Partnership and Implementation project, Designing for Equity By Thinking in and about Mathematics (DEBT-M), is a community of mathematical practice devoted to closing the opportunity gap for marginalized secondary mathematics students in Pittsburgh. Core Partners in DEBT-M are the Education Development Center (EDC) as the lead, and the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS), the University of Pittsburgh (UPITT), and the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The project team is investigating how the opportunity gap can be addressed through a focused program of professional development that involves teachers, mathematicians, and mathematics educators as equal partners. The context for this work is the mathematics program in grades 6-12 in PPS with around 4000 students in this grade band, more than one quarter of whom are struggling, underrepresented mathematics learners. The target audience is the teachers of these students, as well as the IHE faculty in Core Partner institutions.

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Project Contributions

Nov 18 Cohort Meeting
Posted by: Tracy Johns. Summary for the Cohort I participants meeting on November 18, 2014 Follow up items included in document
Birthday Calendar
Posted by: Maria Germansky. I post important school events and birthdays on this calendar. The students are excited to see their names posted for their special day!…